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In microscopy (and macrophotography), there is an inherent trade-off between resolution (the ability to see fine detail) and depth of field- how much of the object is in focus. Now it is possible to collect a whole ‘stack’ of images and process the stack so that only the in-focus portions are retained, leading to an image with incredible detail *and* a large depth of field.

Here are two images, processed with the free program “Combine ZP” one of a butterfly wing and the other of a metal shaving. The butterfly wing was acquired with a 16x epiplan in transmission mode,, the metal shaving with the 25mm Luminar and reflected light.

Notice, in the wing picture, there are some regions with no ‘best focus’- I moved the stage too much- and in the metal shaving image, how the two sides of the shaving look ery different- one is smooth, the other crinkled.


Posted September 20, 2010 by resnicklab in pic of the moment

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