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I’ve lost a few cultures over the past week to mold, but there hasn’t been a bacterial contamination recently… small steps.

Today I’m staining a filter to try out my new fluorescence cube: this culture will have 4 colors:

Deep blue- DAPI nuclear stain
Green- Somatostatin Receptor Type 3:GFP chimera
Red- Polycystin-2:Texas Red stain
Deep Red- Acetylated alpha-tubulin: Cy5 stain.

and hopefully I can get it mounted and imaged by the end of the day. The goal here is to check my antibodies, the cube, and see if SSTR3 and PC2 are localized near the cilium (the acetylated alpha-tubulin). I’ve been having problems with antibody specificity lately, and I am hoping it was due to the bacterial contamination I didn’t know about.

In another note, I’d like to congratulate the just announced winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, for their experiments on and production of graphene. The experiments were simple enough to perform in an undergraduate laboratory! Geim has a history of doing great experiments/demonstrations- he levitated a frog in a magnet several years ago.


Posted October 5, 2010 by resnicklab in Physics, Physiology, Science

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