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I hate Blackberrys. So, it was with extreme enjoyment that I had the opportunity to dissect one.

Here’s how it started:

And with the cover off:

The trackball assembly is what finally killed it:

Here’s a zoom sequence on the keypad:

And the last image was taken in epi-illumination using crossed polarizers. The keypad is covered with a thin layer of polymer, which is the reason for the colors. I couldn’t get a clean shot of the metallic surface at high magnification, as the polymer layer was too thick.

Here’s the flash- I was curious how it works, but unfortunately the images don’t provide a lot of information:

The last shot was taken using fluorescence imaging- the flash unit was illuminated with 405nm light, and it glowed quite brightly- the yellow paint/ink is highly fluorescent, which helps provide a broad spectrum of illumination- I think the light source is a simple LED.

The camera is an integrated unit:

and I was able to pop off the sensor chip easily- here’s a zoom sequence ending with a shot of the Bayer filter- this is how single-chip CCDs are used to generate color images:

There are some exotic components as well, I’ll be digging into these over time. The first image is a quartz oscillator, but I have no idea what the other things are:

More to come….


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