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Due to the amount of time needed to properly teach class, research activities are generally restricted to certain times of year- Christmas break and summer break. This is when there is sufficient time to carry out an experiment and acquire the data (data analysis and writing can be done during the school year).

We have three students in the lab this summer, so this summer can be fairly productive (we hope!). To prepare for the students, I closed out my K25 training grant, the award that launched my current research program, and got this:

With this tool, we can literally shoot small bits of DNA (plasmids) into a cell using electroporation. Using this technique, we can insert customized genes into the cells, and as a result the cells will manufacture the proteins encoded by the genes. As an example, we have a plasmid for GFP– when we shoot this into a cell, the cell starts to make GFP. That in itself is interesting, but we instead use GFP fusion proteins, for example this or this.

Stay tuned…


Posted May 25, 2011 by resnicklab in Physiology, Science

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