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We have three students this summer, and they are all doing some great work. Their photos/captions will appear shortly. Before they describe their own work, here’s a brief description of their projects:

Joey is back for another summer, and he is developing the automated data acquisition and analysis routines for our laser tweezer setup. If all goes well, we should be able to measure the force we can apply to a cilium by the end of this summer!

Josh is currently optimizing growth conditions for cells on our two-sided flow chamber insert. If we get a ‘hit’ on a favorable condition, we will be able to start culturing cells in the flow chamber, which will really expand our ability to observe the cells as we manipulate them.

Andreea is amplifying a few GFP chimera plasmids we have obtained from colleagues and transfecting our cells with the plasmid. She recently optimized the transfection protocol, using a pGFP test plasmid, with this result:

These are cells that survived the electroporation process and have begun to express GFP.


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  1. Go Team!!

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