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A FET (Field Effect Transistor) is a very simple device, consisting of a ‘source’, a ‘sink’ and a ‘gate’. The gate functions like an actual gate- if it’s open, current flows from the source to the sink. If it’s closed, no current flows. We decapsulated a few recently, and here’s what they look like- these images were taken using epi-brightfield, 40X magnification-

For such a simple device, the variety of designs is surprising- and we have yet to find two identical devices. The gate structure is buried within the bulk, so if we want to get a look at that, we’d have to grind away the top- which we can attempt with a fiber optic polishing kit.

It’s humbling to contemplate the technology required to make these microscopic atomically pure single-crystal devices, to fabricate and assemble millions every day, most of which are eventually disposed of without a thought given to how these devices have shaped and changed our world.


Posted September 9, 2012 by resnicklab in Physics, pic of the moment, Science

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