Moore’s Law   2 comments

Today we have images of two Micron Technologies MT4C1024, a !M RAM chip. One chip was manufactured in 1989, the other in 1991: 2 years apart. And sure enough, the size approximately halved:


On a related note, we did indeed find a bunch of IC’s dating from 1964 and transistors from 1961. We are working on opening those up and will post images when we have them. The transistors may not be too interesting to look at, but we did find some tunnel diodes mixed in, and those may be interesting to look at.

Here’s the two MT4C1024’s, posted as matched pairs:

DSC05450 DSC05449
DSC05488 DSC05487
DSC05573 DSC05597
DSC05637 DSC05638
DSC05572 DSC05574


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  1. What is also fun is that Micron was relatively late to the 1Mbit market too, sampling these parts only in late 1987 or so just before the famous DRAM shortage. What would be also be interesting is the Toshiba ones from 1987 or so.

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