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From the old to the (somewhat) new, today we have images of Samsung’s K9GAG08U0M, 2 2G NAND Flash RAM fabricated in 2006. We added use of a 100x/1.47 objective to get the really fine details- how fine? Here’s a handy-dandy chart showing scale bars for the various lenses we use- the scale bars are correct when the images are all viewed full-size.


There are a lot of images… here we go!

DSC05398 DSC05451 DSC05486

DSC03414 DSC05541 DSC03417

DSC03406 DSC03437 DSC03443

Pyramid Maximum Contrast[1,0,1] New-Out99995-_Pyramid Maximum Contrast[1,0,1] copy 2

SONY DSC New-Out99997-Pyramid Do Stack[1,0,1] copy
DSC03415 DSC03419
DSC03453 New-Out99994-Pyramid Weighted Average[1,0,1]
DSC03409 DSC03439
DSC03447_filtered DSC03460_filtered


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