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On an earlier post we mentioned our cell cultures became contaminated by mycoplasma. Fortunately, we have been able to eliminate the contagion and are currently writing our results for journal submission. Concurrently, the optical trap team completed calibrating the instrument, those results should be submitted soon as well. We have begun to do some actual science in the lab (not to disparage the chip images….)!

We have been able to get the summer off to a great start and have several experiments either planned or already in progress to further explore how fluid flow can provoke (or inhibit) physiological/structural responses in cells and tissues. Primarily we use a cell line taken from the kidney (specifically, the cortical collecting duct) of a mouse, but we have a variety of cell types (other epithelial and endothelial cell lines from a mouse, pig, cow, and dog) that we can use as well. These cells grow a ‘primary cilium’. which is genetically related to a bacterial flagellum, and we focus on this structure as a possible ‘cell signalling organizing center’ to transduce a mechanical to a biological signal.

On the other side of the lab, several students are developing improved analytic and numerical models of our experimental apparatus- the flow chambers, laser tweezers, etc. and extending and improving the capabilities of our live-cell microscope. Finally, a pilot project is underway to construct a small microfluidics fabrication facility that can be used by other research groups.


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