Back to school….   2 comments

Summer’s over, school is back in session.


We had a fairly productive summer: a paper was accepted, we have some encouraging results transfecting our cell line with a GFP-tubulin construct, and started to commercialize our Tissue Interrogator.  This picture has been featured in Physics Today and seems to be getting people’s attention:


Stay tuned for developments on these and other projects.

Summer vacation was also productive- I have been waiting 3 years for skies clear enough to make these images:


These are ‘star trails’: just leave the shutter open for a looooong time, and the stars trace out orbits due to the Earth’s rotation.  See Polaris in the lower left? It’s not located *exactly* on the axis of rotation.  The bright ‘dash’ in the lower right is a Air Force jet hitting it’s afterburner.

Alternatively, by stitching together multiple fields-of-view, we have the entire milky way: (warning, this full size image is *large*: 14k x 4k pixels

Picture saved with settings applied.

Finally, a smaller region of the milky way, featuring several Messier objects:

Picture saved with settings applied.



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