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We have a wide range of analytical instrumentation, primarily dedicated toward cell culture. Specifically, we have:

Forma Scientific 1284 Class ll A/B3 Fume Safety Hood
Forma Scientific 3326 Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator
Mettler Toledo XS205 DualRange Analytical Balance (on marble table)
IKA Digital Orbital Shaker (3)
Barnstead Labline CO2 Incubator (Mini)
Harvard PHD 2000 Infusion & Withdrawal Syringe Pump
Eppendorf 5415D Centrifuge
IEC Centra CL2 Centrifuge
Hydrometers, various density ranges
Pipettors (manual)
Ostwald and Cannon-Fenske Viscometers
Ismatech REGLO Digital MS-4/8 peristaltic pump
Dounce and Potter-Elvehjem tissue grinders (various volumes)
Fisher Scientific water bath, vortex mixer, ultrasonic cleaner, hot plate, etc.


Posted December 27, 2010 by resnicklab

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