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We have a variety of optical instrumentation designed for use either as test equipment or materials characterization, including:

Newport RS-series 4’x10’x 12″ optical table, supported on SL-600 vibration isolation legs
Data Optics 6″ optical rail (various lengths)
various opto-mechanical mounts, spatial filters, polarization components, lenses and mirrors
StellarNet Black-Comet Model UV-Vis-IR Super Range 220-1100nm USB Spectrometer
JDS Uniphase HeNe laser (15 mW)
Coherent DPSS 532 nm laser (100 mW)
LaserProbe Rs-5900 Electrically Calibrated Pyroelectric Radiometer (ECPR) System
4″ Melles-Griot optical flat
Richardson gen III resolution target
Beckman Model C monochromator
1″ Integrating sphere
various arc sources: 100W short-arc Hg lamp, 150W Cermax Xe lamp, 10 cm medium-pressure Hg arc.
A variety of spectral filters, ND filters, and diffusers.


Posted December 27, 2010 by resnicklab

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