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These are some of the talented students who have helped make the Lab productive and educational:

Prasenjit Bose, Physics/Math, class of 2012
“What will you be if there was no Mathematics or Physics? You will still be an unsocial person, trying to make sense of the society with social sciences.”

Joseph Glaser, Physics/Math, class of 2014
“I want to know God’s thoughts. Not that tall of an order, right?”

Andreea Sandu, Biology/Physics, class of 2012

Josh Orzel, Physics, class of 2013

Marie Blatnik, Physics, class of 2014

Brianna McGinness, Biology graduate student

Brianna Boslett, Biology graduate student

David Hoeprich, Physics graduate student

Subhra Nag, Biology graduate student

Nicole Yusef, Physics graduate student

Mario Muscarella
Mario Muscarella, Physics graduate student

Vikram Seetharaman, Biology graduate student

Ian Lofgren
Ian Lofgren, Physics graduate student
Benjamin Dozalski, Physics undergraduate student


Posted August 27, 2010 by resnicklab

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  1. I extremely appreciate the material you include on your site it extremely has helped me out a great deal thanks

    Shayla Wrzesinski

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