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General Resources:
PubMed– access to many scientific journals, some free to the public
Physics Forums– a great discussion board devoted to Physics and much more
Motion Mountain– an excellent Physics Textbook, free and online
MicroscopyU– an excellent resource for microscopy

Library of Dust– interesting photos by David Maisel
Running the Numbers– works by Chris Jordan, putting large numbers into perspective
Felice Frankel– scientific photographer extraordinaire
Spike Walker– A truly gifted microscopist
John Hallmen– amazing insect photos
Terje Sorgjerd– incredible time-lapse movies

Other Research Labs Doing Interesting Things- Not A Comprehensive List ™.

Iwan Alexander– my graduate advisor
Harry Swinney’s lab
Eric Weeks’ lab
David Weitz’s lab
Paul Chaikin’s lab
Sidney Nagel’s lab
Josef Kas’s lab
Another Optical Trapping group
Sharon Glotzer’s lab
Jennifer Lewis’ lab
David Grier’s lab

The Flying Circus of Physics– Jearl Walker is down the hall, is an excellent teacher, and very inspirational
Jearl and I dipping our hands in molten lead. Not as impressive as this guy (at about 3:50).


Stephen P. McGreevy’s ELF and VLF recordings
Mutter Museum
American Urological Association Didusch Center for Urologic History


Posted August 27, 2010 by resnicklab

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